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From Virgin to John Lewis to MoneySuperMarket: One marketer on go…


Story of my CV: Lloyd Page began his career at Virgin Trains before taking on a global role at Vodafone and transitioning into digital marketing at John Lewis, all of which set him up for his current role as marketing director at MoneySuperMarket.


Lloyd Page always wanted to worked to work in marketing. He studied business and marketing at A-level before reading marketing at Northumbria University, the first university to offer a four-year marketing course.

Page started his marketing career at Virgin Trains, which he describes as “very near to the top of the pile in terms of marketing and brands” because it was a customer champion. “It felt very focused on the customer and employees and letting the business results come off the back of that,” he explains.

He spent eight years there “learning the trade” before moving to Vodafone just as the first iPhone launched. It was a global role based in Dublin with a strategy of trying to “bring the world of content and contacts together”.

Two-and-a-half years later, he decided to move back to London for both professional and personal reasons.

“The global role [at Vodafone] was a big gig and one of those in-the-centre jobs, so setting frameworks within which the operating markets would execute,” he explains. “But two-and-a-half years of travelling the globe wore a little bit thin and I missed the closeness to the execution.

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