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How To Delete Old Tweets, RT’s, Likes Or Twitter History Archive?…


Do you wish to start using twitter like it is a new day?

Do you wish to delete a few embarrassing tweets, like, retweets?

And why now, no one has ever started using a social networking website with a play book. It is only with time, we realize that our updates on social networking sites also impact our relationship, and career.

Like it or not, this is the harsh reality of social media. Your social media profile is your first impression, and if you should constantly clean-up your social media profile to reflect your current state of mind.

Now, today, you will be learning:

  • How to delete old Tweets (By date, in bulk)
  • How to delete all likes and Retweets
  • How to delete old Twitter history archive

For those who are looking to restart, you should aim for deleting old Twitter history archive. And for recent offenders, you are also on a treat today.

Before that, do check these popular posts:

So, without further delay, lets learn how to get this done:

How to Delete old Tweets in bulk and Fast:

Here is how you can delete old tweets:

  • Sign-up for Circleboom using your Twitter account
  • Click on Tweets > My tweets
  • Select the Tweets, and delete it.
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