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Marketing a VR Arcade: Online Booking Widget | Virtual Reality Ti…


SpringboardVR Marketing Director, Jon-Luke Ratliff, provides insight on what he has learned about effectively marketing a VR Arcade.

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So having the online booking widget on the Upward VR site has really helped us with just the process of getting customers booked for their time, into the store, and once they’re in, everything is booked. They walk in, and employees are able to walk them directly to their station, put the headset on, and get them into this Springboard VR environment where they can go and choose any game from the arcade game library, and that really is crucial in the marketing efforts in a pretty direct way, because if we are portraying a certain type of brand in a certain field of what Upward VR is, and customers come in and there’s a disconnect from what they thought was going to happen versus what actually happened, that can ruin the customer experience, and really ruin the perception of your brand for that user and that customer. So I think just the connection between what you put out there, what you portray, how you portray your VR arcade, and what actually happens when they get in the VR arcade, is really a crucial point to making sure you’re running a profitable arcade.

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