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My Formula To Building A $10,000 Per Month Affiliate Marketing Bu…


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Here is the link for the document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbz8v4irh5gsmnr/My%20Formula%20To%20Building%20A%20%2410%2C000%20Per%20Month%20Affiliate%20Marketing%20Business.pdf?dl=0

My Formula To Building A $10,000 Per Month Affiliate Marketing Business

Success Formula:

(Traffic + Value + Offers) + frequency = $$


2 Types of Traffic

Free Traffic
Pros: It doesn’t cost money
It builds up over time and is on going (if your consistent)
Cons: It takes time to build (3-6 months before seeing consistency)
You have to come up with new content often or repurpose old content in an innovative way consistently
In the beginning you are trading alot of your time for little dollars

Paid Traffic
Pros: It’s instantaneous (You’re not having to wait)
Pay for it with your money instead of your time

Cons: There is a risk
There is tech and other skills involved

Where does traffic come from:
Emails – Solo ad traffic (Easiest for beginners)
Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads
YouTube Ads
Native Ads
Google PPC, Bing PPC

Tik Tok
Facebook Groups, Facebook Wall
SEO (Ranking In Google & Bing)
Reddit /Forums


Determine what the market wants and simply give it to them
Where does your potential customers hang out?
What are their biggest problems?
Create content answering their problems (Give them a 10,000 ft perspective. Give them some of your best stuff but not everything)
Have a CTA at the end telling them what to do next


How to find offers:
Go to google and type in: Affiliate program + [your niche here]

*A System is a automated sales process that sells 1 or more products for on your behalf.

The best offers have a system that does all of the selling and telling for you. They also have multiple streams of income where you can earn off of 3 or more income streams with one affiliate link

This is a process that will work for affiliate marketing in 2021 and beyond! enjoy