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Pierre Woreczek discusses McDonalds Strategy and McDonalds Market…


Watch the full video of Pierre Woreczek, McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer, discussing McDonalds marketing strategy at http://www.meettheboss.tv/channel/CMO/

Despite the recession, despite best-selling books and major movies dedicated to its downfall, McDonalds is growing again. It bested the rest of the industry in 2009, with continued sales improvements and market share gains. Pierre Woreczek, SVP and Chief Brand & Strategy Officer for McDonalds Europe, explains why its all down to a conversation.

You will find out:
– How Pierre balances information and instinct on key decisions
– Why transparency is vital for success, and proven strategies to promote this newbrand value
– How cross-border marketing can make a world of difference

Watch the full video and find more videos from Chief Marketing Officers online at the MeetTheBoss Chief Marketing Officer channel: http://www.meettheboss.tv/channel/CMO/

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