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Selling on Amazon | Email Marketing | Online Business

Selling on Amazon Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Purpose/Format/Rules

Purpose: Increase long term business/Customer Life Time Value (LTV)

– Easy to read, attractive, and professional looking
– Should not have too much text (50 words or less) – readers lose interest
HTML format
– Make use of pictures and images
– Do NOT use public email accounts such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.
Public email services limit how many email addresses that can be sent to (no more than 99) because it’s then considered spam to the FTC UNLESS you have a professional email account
– Know when to send emails – test with sending once a week and check the analytics to see when they are being opened
– Get a custom domain that comes with an email account
– Use a 3rd party email service such as Get Response, Aweber, etc.
Can utilize HTML format
Easier to schedule email campaigns
– Have an Unsubscribe option
– Timeframe:
Product: 3:00 AM – 6:00 AM on Friday Morning is the best timeframe (people tend to shop on the weekends)
Service: 4:00 AM – 6:00 AM on a Monday (most services are
only available during the week)

Why use email marketing

Easiest way to nurture customers and demonstrate engagement
Email automation is a must
– If you don’t have their contact information there is no way to follow up, provide coupons, special offers, new product launches, etc. (Email is collected through a sales funnel squeeze page)
– 81% of sales happen after 5 or more contacts
– 85% of businesses stop after 1-2 contacts
– Most businesses never even follow up

Email content

– KISS – Keep It Simple Silly
– Emails should contain the following three elements
Simple image with white background
Studies have shown that images with a shade of orange, red, yellow tend to get more responses/actions
5-7 words
Use simple words
Call to Action
Include a link that goes directly to the product

Five Contacts – Email Follow-Up Sequence

1. Thank you for your purchase, joining, signing up, ect. – Has 1 message, that’s it! Not trying to sell anything else at that time
– Delivered within 24 hours
2. As a valued customer, here’s a discount or coupon
3. By the way, have you registered for your warranty? Would you leave us a review?
4. Promotional email. Promote a similar product
EX: Bought a polo, NOW emailing about the NEW button up polo
5. “Here’s something else that we offer” email
Informative, did you know we also sell sweatpants

Amazon Specific Email Tool – Jump Send

– Has email templates specific to Amazon
– Easy to set up campaigns
– Campaign analytics
– Can create coupons
– Gain instant access to 100,000’s of customers
– Offers a free trial period

Jump Send Link:


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