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5 Reasons Why Personalizing An Email Is Important…




Every day, millions of Internet users receive emails that they immediately toss in the trash or mark as spam.  Although great deals of these emails are indeed unsolicited spam, some are actually developed from legitimate companies sending various advertisements.  One of the biggest reasons why these emails get tossed immediately is due to the fact that they are not personalized.  But why is personalizing an email important in today’s market?  Well read further and we will explain.

1. Connections

Email marketing can have an improved clickthrough rate by approximately 14% if you personalize the message for the individual. If an email includes the recipient’s first name following “Dear” (e.g. Dear John, Dear Mr Jones, Dear Susan, etc.) it is much more likely to be read – out of curiosity if nothing else. Messages need to have that interpersonal connection in order to provide a greater impact to the reader.

2. Reduced Fear

In today’s online world, bots send out spam without regard of personalization. For many people, the message is immediately deleted if it contains, “Dear Friend” simply out of fear that it may be malware of some kind. There are so many scams on the Internet right now that placate to a person’s ego and try to sound like they are being singled out. As more people are becoming aware of this ever growing problem, messages that are not personalized are being removed or marked as spam never to be seen again.

3. Trust

When it comes to eCommerce or online services, there needs to be a certain level of trust in order to keep your customers happy. Without using a person’s name or personalized information pertaining to the individual, this trust is greatly reduced. Think of it this way, would you trust a message of a bank error in your favour if the email simply stated, “Dear Beneficiary?” That line right there would throw up a red flag to many people looking to keep their information safe.

4. Effort

Some Internet users view personalizing marketing emails denotes a form of effort in order to gain his or her business. If you merely set up a bot to send out various amounts of information without adding that personal touch, readers could be dismissive of your material for you didn’t show effort in gaining his or her approval. This happens more often than you may realize, and it can be akin to customer service. Adding that personal touch shows that you are putting some effort into making the customer happy.

5. Beyond a List

Adding personalization to emails proves to your audience that your organization is going above and beyond the simple email list that could have been purchased by a number of outlets. Many recipients don’t appreciate these lists and wish there was some way to remove themselves. As many lists exist that have been obtained using questionable tactics, personalization adds more appeal to your audience and demonstrates that your ideals involve more than just a list of addresses.

While email marketing today is what flyers and postcards were in the 80’s, it is still a very effective method of engaging consumers. If you use a list that your audience actually subscribed to, the marketing is that much more powerful as he or she is interested in your material to begin with. Add a bit of personalization to your email marketing platform and see how well it works for you.

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